Shopping Challenge!

Message me something you think I should try this week, and I will let you know if I would consider trying it/have already tried it!

Good way to get yourself promo’d and help me expand my tastes at the same time!


I Have A Grocery Shopping Addiction

I go at least 5 times a week, whenever new ideas pop into my head.  Today I bought:

*1 lb 87% lean ground beef (the most lean my store carries)
*2 small red potatoes
*1 large sweet onion
*1 bottle of balsamic vinegar
*1 carton of egg whites
*1 tub of lite vanilla yogurt.

Tonight’s dinner:

BBQ Burger on Flatbread with grilled onions (I season my beef with a teaspoon of BBQ sauce and garlic powder)
Balsamic Diced potatoes (this is an experiment, recipe in the making)

Night Snack:

"Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie" (made with fresh strawberries, 4 oz light vanilla yogurt, and a tsp of mini chocolate chips) 


Good Morning Tumblrs!

Just had me some Cream o’ Wheat for breakfast.

Fun Fact: I searched Cream of Wheat on Tumblr, and it yielded me like a billion ways to prepare it other than the boring ole’ skim milk and sugar way I always make it.  Like using honey instead of sugar, or stirring some fruit preserves in it, or even adding fresh fruit.  I also found an old advertisement saying to put a scoop of strawberry ice cream on top!

I’ll stick to the simple (and more healthy) however


A delicious smoothing can be made!

A way to portion your pasta!  Put it in cups!

A way to portion your pasta!  Put it in cups!

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