Shopping Today!

I bought:

*Purple Livestrong sports bra from Dicks
*2 blood oranges (one for me, one for Sarah)
*1 Anjou pear (for Sarah)
*2 Kiwis (for Sarah)
*2 Mangos (1 for me, one for Sarah)
*Dole Spinach salad mix (comes with almond slivers, some crumbled bleu cheese and a dressing I probably won’t use)
*100-calorie flatbread fold-y things for sandwiches and mini-pizzas

I eyed the star fruit, but I am not yet sure what I want to do with it, so I didn’t buy it.  If you eat starfruit, let me know what you do with it.  

Also to the grapefruit eaters…is it really good for you?  Even if I sprinkle it with sugar?

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