30 by 30

Love living. 30 things I want to accomplish by my 30th birthday!

1. Get married to Dante
2. Have Rocco or Seraphina
3. Have a garden like my Grandma’s
4. Get to 140 lbs and stay there
5. Go out of the country again
6. Win a ribbon at the Bethlehem Fair
7. Get an author to visit the school I work at
8. Run 10 5ks
9. Go to the top of Mt. Washington
10. See the Pacific Ocean
11. Play blackjack in Vegas 
‎12. Have a room in my house that belongs in a magazine
13. Throw a big themed party
 ‎14. Get a sewing machine and learn how to use it
15. Have a cooking recipe and a baking recipe that everyone ALWAYS asks me for
‎16. Get my sister tattoo. Get another one that’s personal
17. Adopt a kitten. Then a puppy
18. Shoot an NBA game 
19. Swim with the dolphins
20. See a wonder of the USA (Niagra Falls, Grand Canyon, Old Faithful, etc) 
21. Learn sign language and teach it to my baby 
22. Keep a journal of my first year of teaching
23. Complete a 365 photo project 
24. Meet/get my picture taken with a celebrity 
25. Learn how to shoot a gun
26. Be a successful couponer/deal finder
27. Own something designer
28. Learn how to be comfortable in heels 
29. Put a message in a bottle
30. Raise a few chickens 

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